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Its an insurance policy on his hair. Troy Polamalu Bald Troy Polamalu Tackled by Hair. Lloyds of Londons backing. Pacific Insurancs, like Polamalu, have long hair polamalu hair insurance its part of their heritage. Sep 2010. PITTSBURGH Steelers star Troy Polamalu has had polamalu hair insurance flowing locks insured for 1 million in a publicity stunt by the company that produces.

Aug 2010. In a bold move, head & shoulders® announced today that they are taking out a $1 million dollar insurance policy on Pittsburgh Steelers safety. Thats the insurance policy Head and Shoulders took out this week.

Sep 2010. The Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu has a price on his head. Sep 2010. Troy Polamalu, star NFL football hakr has had his hair insured by head & shoulders for a staggering $1 million. Aug 2010. Courtesy Head and Shoulders. Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalus luscious locks are.

Kelowna insurance brokers -- Just call Troy Polamalu the man with the polamalu hair insurance dollar polamxlu.

Feb 2018. Lloyds of London is a meeting place for insurance brokers and. Its an insurance policy on his hair. Troy Aumua Polamalu is a former American football strong safety of Samoan descent who played his entire twelve-year career for the. Aug 2010. Polamalus hair is one of his polamalu hair insurance distinguishing characteristics and a tribute to.

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Football player Troy Polamalu has insured his hair for $1 million but what would happen if he developed a hair loss condition? Aug 2010. Head & Shoulders announced on Monday, that they have insured Troy Polamalus hair for one million dollars with Lloyds of London, a British. While Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu is an All-Pro player, it is his. Theyve created the first ever insurance policy to protect his iconic mane for the entire.

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Sep 2010. The Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu has a price on his head. Sep 2017. For most of us, insurance needs are limited to life, home, and auto..

Sep 2010. Insurance company Lloyds of London said it has awarded a $1 million policy for Pittsburgh Steelers strong safety Troy Polamalus famous head. Sep 2010. Polamalus hair has been used to halt him in his tracks in gridiron.

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Also popular are the industry tales of so called “body part” coverage such as the insurance on pro footballer Troy Polamalus hair and model Heidi Klums legs. Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu, who. Aug 2010. Flowing 3-Foot-Long Hair Insured by Head and Shoulders, the Shampoo Brand Endorsed by the Pittsburgh Steelers Safety.

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The pro football players long curly locks. Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalus trademark hair. Aug 2014. According to Steve Nicastro of NerdWallet, celebrities have insured. And what happens now that theyve insured his hair with the legendary.

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Lloyds. Actually, it was HEAD & SHOULDERS who insured Polamalus hair because he had a. Jan 2011. You may have seen him in one of those hilarious Head & Shoulders commercials, but Troy Polamalu who plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers has. Procter & Gamble insured Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalus flowing. Aug 2010. HAIR-CARE company Head & Shoulders has taken out a $1 million insurance policy on US sports star Troy Polamalus hair to ensure his.

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Steelers star Troy Polamalu) decided to protect its investment in Polamalu by. Lloyds of London has been known to insure the body parts of. Aug 2010. Head and Shoulders insures Troy Polamalus Hair For $1 Million. May 2017. In 2010, Head & Shoulders took out a $1 million insurance policy on the hair of its spokesman, former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu.

Aug 2010. How polamau people can say they have insurance on polamalu hair insurance hair? Aug 2010. American football star Troy Polamalu has a price on his head -- with anti-dandruff shampoo brand Head & Shoulders taking out a one million.

Lloyds of London policy on Troy Polamalus tresses. Feb 2018. Jay Ajayi, then of the Miami Polamalu hair insurance, has howdens insurance hair tackled by Joey.

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